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Vivo X27 Teardown

Among the three rear cameras, the 48MP main camera is the largest one in size. It uses a Sony IMX586 sensor whose physical aperture is F/1.79. The second is the ultra wide-angle 13MP camera, and its aperture is F/2.2. The smallest one is the 5MP in-depth camera.
triple rear camer seup
Now we are going to take out the mysterious part- elevating front camera. Remove two screws.
elevating front camera
Lift the racket up.
Lift the racket up
Lift the racket up
Take out the screw with the screwdriver.
Remove the screw
Remove the screw.
Remove the screw
Then tear down the stepper motor.
stepper motor
The motor is made by Nidec from Japan.
stepper motor
Use a pry to take out the front camera.
take out the front camera
It features a 16MP selfie camera. And its stepper motor is different from the one the vivo NEX has. Technically speaking, the elevating camera moves faster than the vivo NEX’s.
front camera

Step 5 Remove the earphone, vibrator and 3.5mm port
As the earphone, vibrator and 3.5mm port adopt modular design, they can be easily taken out.
Remove the earphone, vibrator and 3.5mm port
Step 6 remove the charge connector

Take out eight screws.
Take out eight screws
Remove the speaker racket.
Remove the speaker racket
The display cable is designed on the charge connector. It is connected to the motherboard above via the cable of BTB.

Disconnect the three BTB cables, a screen fingerprint reader cable, and a display cable.
Disconnect the cable
Take out the blue coaxial cable on the back of the charge connector.
Take out the blue coaxial cable
Remove another small charge connector.
Remove another small charge conector
Take out the waterproof silicone of the touch-screen FPC.
Take out the waterproof silicone

Step 7 Remove the screen
The vivo X27 comes with a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen from Samsung. Use a hair drier to heat the edges of the screen from five to eight minutes. We do not recommend the user change the screen on your own.
heat the edges of the screen
Separate the screen from the middle framework.
Remove the screen

Step 8 remove the under-screen fingerprint reader
After removing the front screen, take out the under-screen fingerprint scanner.
take out the in-screen fingerprint scanner

take out the in-screen fingerprint scanner
This under-the-screen fingerprint reader achieves a faster unlocking speed than iQOO’s sixth-generation in-screen fingerprint scanner.
in-screen fingerprint scanner

all the components
After the teardown process, we can see the vivo X27 has a complicated internal design, its triple rear camera setup and selfie camera in particular.

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