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How To Remove, Replace Huawei Mate7 Screen

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Huawei Mate7 to remove the back cover, battery, screen, camera and motherboard. Refer to the guides. You can remove, replace the screen of your Mate7.

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Tools are needed.

Remove the SIM card tray.

Pry up the cover

Under the cover. You can find two screws.

Remove two screws.

Use the guitar picks to pry up the back cover slowly.

Pry up the back cover.

Slowly lift up the back cover. Be careful. There is a cable still connected to the motherboard.

Disconnect the cable from the motherboard.

The back cover was removed.

Remove seven screws securing the motherboard.

Remove the cover fixed the cable.

Disconnect the battery cable.

Disconnect the cable from the motherboard.

Disconnect the antenna.

Remove the mircoUSB module.

Remove the motherboard cover.

Disconnect the LCD cable.

Disconnect the left button cable.

Remove the rear-facing camera.

Remove the vibrator.

Now wears an antistatic glove.

Lift up the motherboard.

Put the board into an antistatic bag.

Remove the earpiece.

Remove the camera.

Remove the button board.

Pry up the battery with a card.

Now we have removed the old screen.

Replace Huawei Mate7 Screen

Remove all protection stickers from new screen assembly.

Install the battery.

Install the motherboard.

Install the mircoUSB module and other little parts.

It’s done!

For more guides, check out the Huawei Mate7 device page.

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